Browser Execution

To access CleverPsych from any browser (Internet Explorer, Fire fox, iPad, Android etc) anywhere, you would need the software running on a web server. This is not the business of Monaro Psychology Services, so we are not going to provide such a service.

However there is some experimental support which may be useful.

Java Applet

You can execute CleverPsych as a Java Applet in any browser  that has Java installed.

For example, if you have CleverPsych running on windows open the file C:\CleverAppletTest\AppletsPage in your browser. It uses the standard C:\CleverData and C:\CleverPsych folders. Edit the applet page in a text editor to change them.


You also need to activate the Java console to show any error messages:

Java console

Now there is no point in doing this, as you might as well run the standard way. However, possible uses are:

Support for many Users

If you are in an organisation that has, say, 100 allied health professionals who want to use CleverPsych, and you have technical support, you can put a server on the network and give each user a copy of a CleverData directory and a copy of the AppletsPage file (with parameters set).

Support for Restricted Systems

Where a system does not have a full Java implementation available, but where a browser with Java is available, the above method could be used.

Systems such as the iPad will never have Java, as Apple wants only applications that they have sold to be available.

Other systems such as Android tablets (and phones) have a partial Java implementation, and there could be Java simulations available.

Web Application

CleverPsych could be run on a server supporting many users by using software such as AjaxSwing.

We have run CleverPsych in the AjaxSwing demonstration server with a few minutes effort.

AjaxSwing has a gui to define the application:

AjaxSwing wizard

And supplies a testing Tomcat server:
Tomcat server

Here is CleverPsych running in Internet Explorer using the Tomcat server: