CleverPsych Download For Windows

You may download the software, example database and support files and try out the software. You can also download for Mac and unix/linux

CleverPsych is hosted on SourceForge, and files for download are available in the Files tab

If you are already using CleverPsych and want to download the latest version we  recommend you backup your CleverData folders first. For more details read the update instructions. We also recommend that you install Dropbox (or OneDrive) and move your CleverData folder to your Dropbox folder before updating.

Note that CleverPsych runs in the old desktop mode under Windows 8 and windows 10.

Follow these instructions carefully. Accept all defaults.

When you download, some Windows versions will show a warning:

You need to click the Actions button:

and Run anyway.

After downloading and running the above file you will see the following dialog:
  1. Ensure that the "Unzip to folder" has C:\TEMP entered
  2. Click the Unzip button.

This will create two folders on the C: drive:
C:\CleverPsych contains the software
C:\CleverDemo contains the demonstration

The first time you install CleverPsych the CleverData folder that will contain your data is also created.

WAIT for the process to finish. A partial installation will cause problems!

This also starts the installation of the Java Runtime System which is required to run CleverPsych. Simply accept all the defaults.
Java installation

Finally CleverPsych will start using the demonstration database.

If the demonstration does not start you may not have Java installed, or you did not download everything. Try running from the Demo desktop icon (see below). Windows and Java installations do change, so contact us if you have problems.

If you are updating on a system with a shared file (or Dropbox etc) system you may need to:

You start CleverPsych from the desktop icons. There is an icon for both the demonstration system and the one you will use for your data. After installation there will be Icons for each cloud service, so you need to find the appropriate ones and delete the rest. The top two icons are for the standard installation. There are also icons for the manual.

Start icon

You can look at some demonstration videos to see how to use the system.

You will need to edit the main configuration file
Configuration.txt either from the CleverPsych Config menu or with an editor (in the config folder in the CleverData folder) and set all the relevant values.

Read the manual in the c:\cleverpsych\doco folder for a tutorial and everything else you need to know!

Note that CleverPsych continually runs processes in the background (e.g. to send reminders, claim from medicare) so you computer needs to keep running. You need to set the power options from Control Panel. See the manual for more details.
Set power options