CleverPsych Download for Mac OS

You may download the software, example database and support files and try out the software. You can also download for Windows. If you are already using CleverPsych and want to download the latest version we  recommend you backup your CleverData folders first. For more details read the update instructions.

CleverPsych is hosted on SourceForge, and files for download are available in the Files tab

If you are moving CleverPsych from Windows to your Mac Book, put your CleverData folder into your home directory before installation. Better still, install Dropbox and put CleverData into your Dropbox directory in your home directory before installation of CleverPsych.

Follow these instructions exactly!

If you have CleverPsych already installed, first delete any remaining CleverPsych directory and zip file from your Downloads directory i.e. none of the files shown below should still be there.

  Next download into your Downloads directory. If it does not automatically expand,  double click to decompress, so you then have the CleverPsych directory:


Your Downloads directory must now look like:

If you have security problems, later versions of Mac OS allow you to run a selection by using <ctrl><click> and selecting open!

First you MUST install Java. Double click the file with a name like jdk-8u144-macosx-x64.dmg which is in the CleverPsych/Java directory. You can also download it from the CleverPsych project on SourceForge.

This will start the Java installation process:

To install CleverPsych you need to double click the InstallCleverPsychOnMac.command file. This will move directories from Downloads to your home directory ready for use.

WAIT for the installation to finish! It takes a while.

CleverPsych will start using the demonstration database. The standard Mac editor is used by default to edit and display letters.

Mac cleverpsych

If the demonstration does not start you may not have Java installed, or you did not download everything. Try running from the Demo desktop icon (see below). Mac OS X and Java installations do change, so contact us if you have problems.

You will also have Icons on your Desktop that you can use to start the demonstration and production versions of CleverPsych:

Mac start icons

You will usually double click the MACrunCleverPsych.command file on the desk top, but you may want to play around with the Demo version initially.

You can also run the start scripts directly from the CleverData/scripts directory:

The first time you may get a warning:

and you may have to use System Preferences to enable downloaded programs to run:
Run downloaded programs

Later versions of Mac OS allow you to run from icons by using <ctrl><click> and selecting open!

The first time you run the main CleverPsych (not the demo) an empty database will be created:

When you run CleverPsych it executes from a terminal window. If there are any problems, error messages will appear there:

You can look at some demonstration videos to see how to use the system.

You will need to edit the main configuration file
$HOME/CleverData/config/Configuration.txt either from the CleverPsych Config menu or with an editor and set all the relevant values.

Read the manual in the CleverPsych/doco directory for a tutorial and everything else you need to know!