Secure Messages

The transfer of clinical information to or from an external party needs to conform to Australian privacy laws.

If information is emailed, then it must be digitally encrypted with the use of digital certificates in your email client.

HealthLink offers an alternative secure delivery mechanism used by 10,000 healthcare sites, sending over 1½million digitally signed and encrypted messages a week.

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CleverPsych provides an interface to HealthLink that enables you to send reports to doctors and to receive referrals and patient records from them. Reports are typically in text or RTF formats depending on the capabilities of the doctor's practice software.

CleverPsych displays a list of the messages sent and received:


The selected message is displayed in the bottom tabbed pane. If it is from an unknown doctor or is about a new client they can be added to the database.

The HealthLink software is usually configured to regularly send and receive messages and when CleverPsych does its sending and reveiving logs are generated and displayed:
HealthLink log

The HealthLink message format is based on an Australian standard.