Release 11.2 November 2019

Australian MEDICARE handling of current rules

Release 11.1 August 2019
Basic CleverPsych Free
More appointmet status's - No charge, Waiting for settlement, Refused to pay
Release on SourceForge
Droppages web site

Release10.4 August 2017

Convert database at startup for different time zone (so demo will run anywhere)
Advanced notice reminder for client appointment when client has not attended for quite a while.
Move to Java 8

Release10.3 July 2017
Fix restart of suspended CleverPsych

Update 10.2 March 2017
Fix Web site views so displays better on phones etc
Update config\SpreadSheet.txt that defines execution of spreadsheet programs
Fix problems running Java on Mac

Release 10.2 July 2016
Change to displayed MEDICARE statements to allow for cheques no longer being mailed.
Medicare PDVC client type
Support for Microsoft OneDrive.
Fixed(??) running word processors on Mac OS X using open command.
Changed (again) method for running scripts e.g. for duplicating CleverData for new users
Changed Java look-and-feel in Mac run scripts
Another try to set window size on several platforms and OS versions and screen sizes.
Changed scripts with problems in windows 10

Release10.1 June 2016
Fix restart of suspended CleverPsych running over Dropbox etc
Filter on name now always displays that client. Client displayed after filtering is in tree.
Client claims from medibank i.e. after client has paid can ask medibank to put refund into clients bank account.
Use screen size to set default CleverPsych window size.
Improve layout and resize of fields.
Improve referrer reporting.
Remove BOiMHI support.
Support for 64bit Java 8.

Release 10.0 November2015
New medicare plugin using MEDICARE July 2015 software. This plugin is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
Moved to 64 bit Java as required for Medicare.
Note that the old MEDICARE plugin will not work with the new version, but a version9.9 download is provided. This version
must also be used with 32bit Java and 32 bit versions of Windoze.
Improved checking of medicare bulk billed client fields.
Problem with length of SMS messages.

Release 9.9 August 2015
Define filter date range and date pull-down year range in configuration
Fix medicare log display
Remove service text from medicare transactions that causes manual processing
Allow client to be put in wait list
Display client documents in tree
Reminders always sent using menu
Changing date for service in progress creates new record.
Fix running editor on Mac
MEDICARE validation rules for patient/claimant first name and surname fields have been changed to accept only alpha-numeric characters, apostrophes and hyphens. Spaces must not appear immediately before or after apostrophes and hyphens.
Release 9.7 July 2014
Add Appointment notes template.
Handle multiple appointments at same time e.g. cancelled and another scheduled
Extend date range to 2020.

Release 9.6 May 2014
Update to DB4 template for medicare.
Modify matching of CleverData folders in Dropbox etc.

Release 9.5 April 2014
Add scroll bars to Tabs to handle small Mac screens..

Release 9.4 Feb 2014
Improve Mac Os X download. Release Java 7 with download.

NimRod Look and feel does not seem to work anymore on Mac.

Release 9.3 May 2013
Improve Mac release and doco.

Release 9.0 May 2013
Java version 7 update 21 changed running of processes like Word.

Release 8.9 May 2013
Another problem with changing blanks in file names caused problems with Word.

Release 8.8 April 2013

Problem with changing blanks to _ in file names caused problems with Dropbox.

Release 8.7 March2013
This release has support for Dropbox, Skydrive and GoogleDrive.
Fixed problems starting Java on Win 7 & 8.

Release 8.6 Feb 2013
Improved handling of multiple instances with Dopbox etc.
Moved back to Java6 for problems with Medicare and JavaMail.

Release 8.5 Feb 2013
This release has support for Dropbox, Skydrive and GoogleDrive.
Fixed problems starting Java on Win 7 & 8.

Release 8.3 July 2012
This release contains the first version of the interface to the HealthLink secure message system.

Release 8.1 June 2012
This release has more information about installing CleverPsych on a Mac.
There is a new Activity report.

Release 8.0 June 2012
This release has preliminary software to support HealthLink messaging - its not available yet.
Turn reserving diary intervals back on.
Support for service letters etc.
Fixed tax in appointments report.
Minor bugs fixed.

Release 7.4 October2011
Increase Email dialog size.
Fix tree symbol colours.

Release 7.3 October2011
Check for CleverPsych already running.
Fix UNIX install script.
Fix referrer reports and plots.

Release 7.2 August 2011
Fix provider number validation.
Display file path in configuration editor.

Release 7.1 August 2011
Fix background processing.
New Java Mail version 1.4.4
Change TCCnnnnnn location identifier

Release 7.0 July2011
MEDICARE Australia bulk billing.
Checks on medicare client data.
Fix bug in apointment time display.
Send day's appointment list to psych.
Linux and Mac release.
Store client entry time so clients with no appointments appear in tree.
Improve doco about database restore.
Another level in client tree for status.
Fix editor backup.
Backup existing folders on install.
Reduce unlicensed usage to 50 clients.

Release 6.4 February 2011
Psychologist definition in the configuration to help setting up for multiple psychologists.
Send extra reminder to problem clients just before appointments.
Send list of tomorrows appointments and services to the psychologist.

Release 6.3 February 2011
Reduce number of labels in reserved diary times.
Fix update bug.

Release 6.2 February 2011
Counts in reports.
Colour appointments that have been claimed but not paid.
Fix creating duplicate systems.
Upload demostration videos.

Release 6.1 January 2011
Support for GMail.
Additional support for SMS providers: 5centSMS.com.au.

Release 6.0 December 2010
Colour text in Tree and diary to reflect status. Help dialog to show colours used.
Create backup when editing configuration files
Add initials to client names
Clean up logs
Add latest Java to release
Clone main system for another psycholgist.
Reserve diary slots
Recurring appointments

Release 5.3 March 2010

Create CleverData folder when first installed
Fix bug changing service dates
Make amounts have 2 cent digits in letters.
Late cancellation status
Client names in tree coloured blue if have not been seen for a while.
Initial count of number of sessions.
Fix configuration for new versions
Fix the start script for new versions
Always copy template Example.rtf from demo to CleverData
FAQ on web site.

Release 5.2 February 2010

Check for saving new appointments when has reminded flag set.
Birthdays and last attended reports.
Ability to define diary range and interval.
Option to use sets of colours.

Release 5.1 December2009

Display filter summary above tree.
"All" filter now gets all clients.
Detect starting when data folder not set up.
Fix problem duplicating clients with same name but different titles.

Release 5.0 September2009

Display of many types of histograms
Display of relationships as directed graph
Coloured tree text
Extended reports

Release 4.4 - 14 March 2009

Support for insurance companies and other organisations
Fix problem sending multiple SMS reminders.

Release 4.3 - 2nd Jan 2008

27 Dec 2008 - receipt numbers
26 Oct - Fix setting of dates for services
18 Oct - correct setting of diary range

Release 4.1 - No longer free Oct 2008

Sept - Extra types of letters.
August - Fix problem when changing fees.
15 June - fix colouring of clients in tree after filtering.
12 June - check that clients and referrers dont exist for "New" ones.
10 June - output messages when new, modify, delete referrers.
9 June - Word processor and spreadsheet execution files in config files.
7 June - fix formatting in appointment report.
5 June - Add extra check on dates
5 June - add labels to button panels

Release 3.1 - First public release May 2008