Purchase Medicare Software

The MEDICARE plugin is available for Windows and UNIX variants like Mac OS X and Linux.

Be aware that the Medicare software we use may not work after March 2022. We are investigating the replacement software that Medicare is developing. We hope we may be able to make it free.

To use the extensions for on-line claiming from MEDICARE you need the software provided by them. MEDICARE imposes restrictions on the distribution of the software:

For these reasons we will mail the software to you on a DVD, and we will charge you  for our effort. The DVD has instructions for installation.

Implementing the software has taken an unhappy 15 months, for which we are also making a small charge.

The MEDICARE extensions cost $110. This is $100 + $10 GST.

We do not give refunds, so read the manual first to see what is involved.

We use PayPal to enable you to enter your credit card details securely.

On notification by PayPal of your purchase we will send you a DVD and receipt. It may take a couple of days for us to respond, or we could be away.

The latest plugin uses the July 2015 MEDICARE software and requires CleverPsych version 10.0 (or later).