Browser Execution of CleverPsych in Web Server

To access CleverPsych from any browser (Internet Explorer, Fire fox, iPad, Android etc) anywhere, you would need the software running on a web server. This is not the business of Monaro Psychology Services, so we are not going to provide a server.

CleverPsych could be run on a server supporting many users by using commercial software such as AjaxSwing or Webswing These products enable Java Swing applications like CleverPsych to be easily run as Web applications (at a cost).

See the CleverPsych Software Manual on SourceForge for further details.

CleverPsych on AjaxSwing

We have run CleverPsych in the AjaxSwing demonstration server with a few minutes effort.

AjaxSwing has a gui to define the application:

AjaxSwing wizard

And supplies a testing Tomcat server:
Tomcat server

Here is CleverPsych running in Internet Explorer using the local Tomcat server:

CleverPsych running on AjaxSwing

CleverPsych on Webswing

CleverPsych has been run in the Webswing test environment:

You can define an application:
Configure CleverPsych on Webswing

CleverPsych on Webswing

CleverPsych on Webswing

CleverPsych on Webswing

Here is the CleverPsych demo running on the testing local server:

CleverPsych running on Webswing