Cloud Storage

You can store your CleverPsych and CleverData (and similar) folders in the cloud. You can use any service but those supported by CleverPsych are Dropbox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive. We use Dropbox.

These cloud services synch a folder on your computer with cloud storage i.e. whenever you change anything in the drive the change is copied to a remote server. You can have several computers attached to the same cloud storage and any changes are reflected on all computers a short time later.

The reasons for using these services are:
CleverPsych access works on the principle that you can only be in one place at a time. Hence you cannot use CleverPsych on one computer while your secretary uses the software on another. In particular, you need to give the cloud service time to copy changes between computers. So if you start up your laptop or connect to the internet, wait until the cloud service is in sync.

We use CleverPsych at our office, and use it via Dropbox occasionally at home.

The CleverPsych software will check if it is in use at different locations when it is started.

You need to decide which service to use:

If you use CleverPsych on different platforms you will want to use a cloud service that supports them all e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive.

You will have to download software for the one you choose e.g. go to

To use with CleverPsych, move your CleverData folder to the cloud folder and download and install the latest version of CleverPsych.

If you are doing your own installation, ensure that the CleverPsych and CleverData folders are all on the same cloud drive so you are using the same version everywhere.

If you run CleverPsych from several computers you can install on each new computer, which will put the files into the shared cloud folder each time. You need only do it on your main computer and then download java onto the other computers and set up a shortcut to run CleverPsych  on each. On windows you can do this by copying the Icon from the desktop on the main computer or by right clicking on the CleverData/scripts/CleverPsych.cmd file and Send To -> Desktop.