The Diary

When we started, our practice was run with a diary and a mobile phone.

Clients phoned to make appointments, often at odd hours as the phone was off most of the day, and the new appointment was written into the diary.  MPS typically uses one hour appointments. At a convenient time the appointment (and new client information) was entered into CleverPsych.

We now have a secretary who answers the phone and handles the appointments (and all the things we never seemed to have time to do).

Hence the diary is the ultimate record of activities within our practice.

CleverPsych provides a diary view of appointments and services. You can use it the select appointments and to set appointment times, but the ultimate use is as a check that you have entered data correctly.

Hence the CleverPsych diary should look the same as your paper one.

Entries are coloured according to status.

You can change the hour range (e.g. to 9am to 5pm) and the interval (e.g. to 15 minutes or an hour) by editing the start scripts.