Download For Windows

You may download the software, example database and support files and try out the software. You can also download for Mac and unix/linux

CleverPsych is hosted on SourceForge, and files for download are available in the Files tab

If you are already using CleverPsych and want to download the latest version we  recommend you backup your CleverData folders first. For more details read the update instructions. We also recommend that you install Dropbox (or OneDrive or Google drive) and move your CleverData folder to your Dropbox folder before updating.

Note that CleverPsych runs in the old desktop mode under Windows 8 and windows 10.

The latest download and installation instructions can be downloaded by clicking the files in

Read the file descriptions there. The major files of interest are:
WindowsDownloadandInstallation.pdf - illustrated installation instructions
CleverPsych.exe - run to install. Click the unzip button in the Chilkat self extractor window DO NOT CHANGE anything!!!!
GettingStarted.txt - look at this after you have downloaded