Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a list of questions that have been asked about CleverPsych.

For detailed information refer to the manual and this web site.

CleverPsych fails to start up / Popup “Failed to read the XML database file. Exception NULL”

Occasionally the database file CleverData\database\Database.xml is not written correctly. We first saw this when the fan in our computer failed in Summer.

The bad file is usually truncated. You can check by opening the file is some editor. The last line in the file should be:

The system makes regular copies of the database in CleverData\backup, so you can replace the bad database with the latest backup file. Be aware that the latest backup file may also be corrupted, so look at the file lengths. As its a backup you may lose your latest changes.

Look at the Disasters chapter in the manual for more information.

Where is the CleverPsych manual? I cant find any manual file.

The manual is the PDF file CleverPsych.pdf in the doco folder within the CleverPsych folder.
i.e. C:\CleverPsych\Doco\CleverPsych.pfd. There is also a manual for Australia MEDICARE claiming and for software developers.

To display it you simply need to click the icon on the desktop. If you cannot find that, locate the file with Explorer (My Computer)  (or Finder on the Mac) and double click it.

We assume that everyone will have the Adobe application to do this these days, if not google for "Adobe Reader download".

The manual is also on this web site and can be accessed from the home page.

I downloaded CleverPsych  on the Mac, but it still starts the old version.

Make sure you clear out the Downloads directory first, or you get the old and the new CleverPsych directories there, and the installation get confused.

I downloaded CleverPsych  but  nothing happened.

You need to read the installation instructions on the download page carefully.

One problem is that you did not install Java. CleverPsych is written in the Java language and needs it to be installed.

Look in the black background terminal window and see if there are any error message along the lines of "Java not found".

You should have installed Java  it as part of the Windows or Mac download and install.

Look at the details on the download pages and follow them exactly!

Java Install Problems

There can be problems installing the latest version of Java on Windows 8. You can try downloading JavaRa.
JavaRa is an effective way to deploy, update and remove the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). It can assist in repairing or removing Java when other methods fail.

Why does the archaic DOS black & white panel appear before the program opens, & the remain until deliberately closed? 

This command window will display any extraneous system messages. If CleverPsych does not run (e.g. some missing files) or you get some strange happenings and you have no idea what is wrong, this window may tell you what is going on.

See section 3.9 in the manual.

The manual says to modify a configuration file but when I edit the file it looks different.

When you download a new version you get new CleverPsych and a new CleverDemo folder.

Your CleverData folder is initially created as a copy of the CleverDemo folder.

When you start up after downloading a new version the system will attempt to update your CleverData files. Occasionally you may need to copy new files from the new CleverDemo folder to your CleverData folder.

For example, if you want to change the Diary ranges as described in the manual, you may have to copy the start file first.

The backup procedure is complicated & clunky, including the requirement to manually enter the date of the last backup in the misc panel.  

Entering the date is only to remind people to do a backup.

Backup is only a matter of inserting a DVD (or other media) and then dragging the folders (CleverData and your stuff) from explorer to it. There doesnt seem to be any  point of writing special software to do it.
Theres also the Microsoft backup.

You may want to move your cleverdata folder to dropbox etc and re-install. Then your data are in the Cloud.
The number of days before you are reminded is a configuration item.

Mail Problems

If mail is not being sent check the black background screen for errors. The likely problem is that you are not connecting to the mail server. Obvious errors are in the configuration where you do not have the correct mail server, Email address, port or password.

Failure to connect can also be caused by a Firewall or Anti-virus setting. For example, if you use Norton Internet Security you may have to go into Network settings -> Configure and turn off “Scan outgoing Email messages”.

Australian MEDICARE Problems

Processing logs can be accessed from the menus. They are held in the CleverData/logs folder, typically for a month.
The software supplied by MEDICARE writes a software (Log4J) file that can be accessed from the Australia menu. The medicare error codes are often of little use, but the log can help.
If claims fail without any apparent reason, you can try deleting files from the .medicareonline folder in your home directory e.g. on windows C:\Users\lloyd\.medicareonline, on unix clones /usr/home/.medicareonline

Client Notes

I have read the manual and cannot seem to see a space for inputting clinical notes for each session. Can you please advise if I am able to input session notes?

 Also, I can see that I can tick if I have completed assessments, however can you scan and attach an electronic copy? 

 I am trying to figure out if I also require a paper file, or if this is a stand alone electronic system.

1.      Each client has a folder / directory in the system. Any documents generated in the system automatically go into there. As it is just a folder you can store any files you like in there (e.g. electronic PAI scores); any word files will appear in the “Tree” under the client entry. We put the CleverPsych folders in Dropbox so they are automatically backed up and we can access them from the office or at home.

The system can generate documents (e.g. letters) from template files. Standard ones include overall notes for the client that you progressively add to, and notes for each appointment. You can add your own templates e.g. if you have a specific format document that you fill out for each client or for each appointment.

Word Processor Setup I have some templates made up. Now when I open them through clever psych they are opening in word pad not word. I am sure they used to open in word? 

Have you upgraded Word?

There is a wordprocessor.txt file in the CleverData\config folder that has the commands to start up word etc. If no version of word (or other word processor) is found WordPad will be used on Windows or edit on Mac OS.
So you will need a suitable line added to the file e.g.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15\WINWORD.EXE

C:\Program Files (x86)\LibreOffice 5\program\soffice.exe

On the Mac the default word processor is the standard editor. You can use other word processors via the open command.

You can copy wordprocessor.txt across from CleverDemo\config to get the latest version.

To have starting the word processor more efficient, move the appropriate line to the top of the file and delete lines for other computer systems.
You can check which of the given files are on your computer to find what to use.
In summary:

Look at the CleverData\config\wordprocessor.txt file, and also the latest version in CleverDemo.

Note that you can use free wordprocessors like Open Office