You can generate documents in your word processor by selecting the relevant appointment or service in the tree and then selecting a type of document from the Word menu. The generated document will have values filled in for the selected client, appointment etc

Documents can be letters, standard report outlines, notes, invoices, anything. CleverPsych has some standard documents, and you can define your own. Supplied documents include:

The documents are actually generated using template files in Microsoft rich text format which contain know text strings that are replaced by values from the selected client, appointment, service or referrer, and your practice definition.

You are able to use a variety of word processors such as Microsoft Word. On Windows,  the default word processor is the WordPad application, and on Mac OS the standard editor, so you do not need to purchase a word processor. We suggest you download the free OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

For example, the following letter was generated by selecting Daisy Duck’s first appointment and the selecting “Referrer acknowledgement” from the Office menu.

You will often modify the generated letter before sending it.

Documents are generated from "templates" that are files that have known text strings that are replaced by values from the selected client and appointment. For example the above letter was generated from this template:

You can set up your own document templates and add them to the menu. Templates are usually RTF files, but you can convert them all to another format, provided the files are basically viewable text (RTF is, Microsoft Word doc and docx files are not).