Command Window

When you run CleverPsych a command window appears:
Command window

If there is a major problem, you should look for error messages here.


CleverPsych is written in the Java language, which is why it can run on many computers.

Java is installed as part of the installation process. A 64bit Java is required and should be a current Java version 8.

If the CleverPsych demonstration does not start when you download the software the most likely problem is that you did not download Java or that the version is not the latest for your brand new computer. See the "java -version" command in the above image, which should respond if Java is installed.

You can download the latest Java from many places (i.e. google for Java Download). Java is developed by Oracle and the main home page is

  Installation of a compatible version of Java is available for windows and Mac in the CleverPsych/Java folder.
Java is installed into your home directory on the Mac.