Update Instructions

New versions of CleverPsych are released occasionally. If you send mail to cleverco@users.sourceforge.net or purchase a licence we will add you to a mail list and advise you when an update is available.

We recommend that you be paranoid and take the opportunity to back-up your system before downloading. In particular make copies of all the CleverDataXXXX folders. The installation scripts will also backup the default CleverData directories.

Be aware that CleverPsych now uses 64bit Java 7. If you are using pre Windows 7 32 bit versions of windows (XP, Vista) or version 1 of the medicare extensions you cannot use this version. There is a version 9.9 that you can download.

Before download on a Mac, delete all CleverPsych files and directories from your Downloads directory as they are not always replaced.

If you download a new version and install it, the two folders CleverPsych and CleverDemo will be replaced.The installation script will make a backup copy of the CleverData folder in case something goes wrong, but does not backup non-standard CleverData folders. Be careful if you have CleverPsych installed on the Cloud (Dropbox, Google etc) as all copies will be updated on all computers.

The installation will also install a late version of Java. You can also do this via the Java update service.

After installing  the Demo system will start so you can see what new features have been added.

When you start the new version your database in the C:\CleverData folder may be extended to support new features, and files may be added or updated. You may find that you have to manually update your configuration files, in particular the config\Configuration.txt file in your CleverData folder from the version in the new CleverDemo folder.

There could also be new letters and other document template files available in the template folder.

See the manual for further information.

After installation you need only start CleverPsych from the usual icon. This will use the new version of the software but continue using your CleverData folder for the database etc.

The CleverPsych system will attempt to update your files for any changes. There could be problems if you have additional CleverDataXXXXX folders for other users or locations.